SLNet is a perfect solution for:
SLNet is the glue between your RF devices and your applications. It handles login security, displays a menu of applications or systems and automatically reconnects devices if they go out of range and return.
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SLNet lets your teams quickly gather data. It’s high speed connection to applications keeps data traffic low. SLNet works with any kind of RF device.
SLNet gives your staff the flexibility to connect to existing applications from any type of device. SLNet’s terminal emulation allows your existing applications to connect up to new devices without re-programming.

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Get More Users Connected to SAP Console

sapSAP recommends SLNet telnet server software for all their customers to access SAP Console from RF devices.   SLNet enables an unlimited number of users to work simultaneously on any Windows server without interfering with one another. more…

Use RF devices without changing any Software

Symbol_90SLNet lets users connect to applications seamlessly. With SLNet and Windows 2000/2003/2008 server, your applications are ready for real-time use with any RF wireless device that supports Telnet. SLNet lets users run applications efficiently on the server without having to pull alll the data to the device.  more…

Powerful and flexible terminal emulation solution

pa2SLNet enables an unlimited number of users to connect to existing applications
from any type of terminal without reprogramming.  SLNet telnet server software can emulate any terminal device and translate characters sequences into the ones the application is expecting. more…